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The Powerful Little Lead-Boosting Tool I Bet Nobody Has Ever Told You About

What kind of tool am I talking about?

It’s a tool that will allow you to never again wonder how to get all the leads you need (and get them in the least expensive way possible)…track every penny spent on advertising…warm up your prospects before you even talk to them…and even allow you to make an immediate profit in less than 30 days.

realtor handing over the keys to new houseI realize it may seem hard to believe, but think about it. Everyone has a cell phone and can receive text messages. Most can receive pictures too.
When you consistently have 125-150 leads every single month, 6 sales a month is a near guarantee. All you have to do is follow up and engage prospects in a meaningful dialog…and you'll easily get 6 of these prospects to do business with you.

You might even work less. A lot less. Live a balanced life and have a successful real estate career.

The Secret to Positioning Yourself in the High Income Zone

After working with agents for nearly ten years, I've found that most agents do work hard. They work very hard—in fact, too hard.

But rarely do agents position themselves to be in the 'high-income zone.' Winners stay ahead of their competitors. Listings are competitive. Sellers want to know what you can do to sale their home faster than the other real estate agents. When a new listing tool is available for your sellers property the sellers want it. Staying ahead of your competition is key to success!

How do you do that?

By using technology that reaches prospects FIRST—before your competition. Then, once you've reached them, use a little clever psychology to compel those prospects to respond.

In the process two things happen.

First, by reaching the prospect first, you gain a 3 out of 4 advantage over your competition automatically. See, according to a recent NAR survey, 74% of prospects do business with the first agent who contacts them. So it's a clear advantage for you to be the first agent a prospect talks to...agreed?

Then second, it completely eliminates any Do-Not-Call list issues. When a prospect calls you, you can call them back as many times as you like within the next 90 days, regardless of whether they're on the national Do-Not-Call list or not.

So you kill two birds with one stone. It's a powerful one-two punch.

What's the key to delivering that one-two punch?

ANSWER: By shifting all your marketing to "Instant property information and property pictures" offer. (This is the psychological part.) Instant home information and pictures of property delivered to their cell phone. This is also stored on the cell phone, with your contact information.

Step outside yourself for a moment. Think about why you're even reading this web page...YOU want Free Information. We all do...it's not a bad thing...it's a good thing. So capitalize on this natural fact of human nature.

And when you offer Free Information, the three keys to successfully enticing prospects and call you are:

  1. It has to be information they want immediately sent to their cell phone. A description and pictures. (not all carriers will accept pictures.)
  2. It has to be interesting and attention-getting. No one takes action to check out something that's boring.
  3. Then finally, it has to be EASY for your prospect to request or receive this 'Free Information.' (This is where technology—the tool—comes in.)

See a demonstration now!