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Where else can you invest 10-15 hours and earn $4,000 to $6,000 or more?

A recent study showed the average listing took just over 10 hours of actual time spent with client from point of contact to closing—for buyers it was a little over 15 hours.

Work smarter not harder.

So many real estate agents market for sale by owners and spend THOUSANDS on print advertising. The industry is overwhelmed with competition duplicating efforts. Every minute you spend "prospecting" you could be making three to five times as much money with about 1/100th the stress! Prospecting is the biggest, most painful, least profitable, burn-yourself-out task each of you have done! That’s why there are so many real estate casualties. The turn-over rate for new agents in real estate is over 50% per year! Work smarter not harder.

Stay ahead of your competitors. Chances are if you are reading this your competition is too. Get to the buyers first with instant text messaging. You will get a copy of the cell phone caller id and they will receive a description of the property , pictures and your contact information.

Sell More Homes Faster

Can you imagine how many buyers will want more property information and to see more pictures as they flip through a local real-estate magazine?

  1. Sign up and register your property listings online.
  2. Type in up to 160 characters description of your property.
  3. Upload your pictures ( not all carriers will support pictures)
  4. Add the Text code to your listing sign and on your print advertising too. Now you will receive email notifications of the caller id of each text sent to a interested homebuyer.

Now the buyer may access listings the same way they do on the broker’s website or MLS, but now the home buyer is mobile. Buyers can drive neighborhoods and shop for homes from their car or while they stand in front of any home for sale.

Don't forget the value of using TextMyMLS with your print advertisements too.

Buyers send a text message to TextMyMLS.com with a property code. Within seconds, the search results are sent to the consumers cell phone along with the property details including address, price, beds and baths.

Now you can...Convert More Leads