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Frequently Asked Questions

Q -I have a Blackberry, why can't I send texts to "shortcode" numbers? I get an error message from address "9230" and it says "Message failed. Shortcode may have expired or shortcode texting may be blocked on your account. Msg 1051" - how can I start sending messages to destination with a "shortcode" address?
A - Contact your cell provider customer service to have short code messaging enabled

Q - How can I see a sample of the service?
A - From a cell phone open a new text message and type mls1000 to 35819. Wait about 1 minute for the response.

Q - Do you provide signs?
A - Yes we can but keep in mind our signs are limited and there will be the added cost of shipping and time delays. Also many firms want specific colors and sizes. TextMyMLS order form

Q - Is a separate code needed per property.
A - Yes a separate code is needed per property. This code identifies the property text description, property photos and your contact info.

Q - What is the cost of this service and is there a contract?
A - The cost depends on the number of codes you need. The service is month to month. No contracts.

Q - Can you text all agents in the a Metro area my listings information?
A - No, the service is per listing and must be requested by a cell phone.

Q - How much does it cost the interested buyer on their cell phone plan? How much does it cost me the agent?
A - Each person plan varies per carrier we have no control of this. Some may be charges up to .10 while others have unlimited free text included with their plan.